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Gamer Girl by Samuel Deats



    Gamer Girl by Samuel Deats


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  4. 30 Day Warden Challenge

    Day Six: Sexuality

    What is your warden’s sexual orientation?

    Elissa is bisexual though she tends to lean slightly more in the direction of men over women.

    Describe your warden’s past lover(s).

    Elissa’s first sexual experiences were with women, including Iona who was killed during Howe’s assault on her family home. She has only had one female lover since, and that’s Isabela. Alistair is the first man she ever slept with, though most of her sexual experiences are with Nathaniel. Her affair with Anders was brief and ended badly. She prefers not to think about it.

    How does your warden feel about sex before marriage?

    Even had things gone according to plan, Elissa would likely have had sex before marriage, if given the opportunity. She and Nathaniel came close on several occasions before he left for the Free Marches, though it never came to pass. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but she’s not all that big of a believer in Chantry rhetoric, so that isn’t surprising.

    Do feelings/commitment need to be involved or would they be okay with a fling?

    Emotions are always involved with sex where Elissa is concerned, even if they aren’t the ones that should be. Even when she goes looking for sex as a distraction to whatever she might not want to deal with at the moment, she goes to people with whom she has already established a connection and not random strangers with whom she has no per-established relationship.

    The one exception is Riordan. He reminds Elissa vaguely of Nathaniel and after making the decision to sacrifice herself in the battle with the archdemon, she spends the night in his bed because she cannot go to her lost love.

    How does your warden feel the first time they visit The Pearl?

    Elissa meets Isabela on her initial visit to The Pearl. She feels pretty good about that.

    Does your warden ask Isabela to ‘get to know her better’? Why? Was there anyone else involved?

    Elissa does decide to sleep with Isabela, and surprises herself and Alistair by talking him into participating. She finds Isabela to be incredibly attractive even beyond her obvious physical attributes. At the point that she meets the pirate, Elissa has also begun to understand just how unlikely it is that she will survive to see the end of The Blight, so it’s sort of a seize the day decision at first. What Elissa doesn’t expect is to actually become attached to Isabela and to spend just as much time simply enjoying conversation as she does sharing her bed.

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  7. 30 Day Warden Challenge

    Day Five: Who is/are your Warden’s romantic interest(s)? Describe their relationship(s) in detail.

    Elissa has four primary relationships, though only two of them would be qualified as romance on a traditional level, and only one of them is consistently a part of her life. (Nathaniel, Alistair, Anders and Isabela).

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